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Hooray! Our brand new Monetization Dashboard is here, check it out and let us know what you think about.
All the settings related Ads were moved to the new dashboard App Dashboard -> Monetization Dashboard. More info here.
A great start to making an Event App, you can add or delete pages to suit your project
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Convert this template into ordering food or anything else, pickup goods or pay by credit card
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A Cafe, Pizza or Restaurant starter App, user can choose from 2 languages when entering the App, great for Euro zones, Canada or anywhere else they have multi lingual communities with a majority denomination etc.
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Sell your videos with inApp purchase option - or use the template as a starting point for a different type of App
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Blank iPhone or Android template with 4 bottom menu tabs. You can always add any page type, customize settings and modify app design later.
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Blank iPad application template. Make use of the full size iPad screen 768x1024
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Bookstore application to sell your mobile books using inApp Purchasing.
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This is NOT a native App, menu and functions are JQ WebApp, but you can publish to AppStore. No bottom Menu Buttons, additional drag and drop page types available once you start building the App. You can also add manual code.
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